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Wadelene Nicola is the C.E.O of Kompa en acion, Inc. She created this company in August 2005. This company has been through some major changes throughout the years. The company is named after one of the Haitian styles of music called Kompa "Compas". She started doing interviews with Haitian celebrities and aired the 30 minutes show with channel 76 on Comcast covering from Plantation to Deerfield Beach in Broward County, Florida. Then, the company started doing production and distribution of Haitian films and music for the Creole-speaking niche in The United States, Canada, and Europe. In 2016, she saw that CD and DVDs sale were declining. She switched the company into online retails of dry goods such as rice, beans, corn grit, etc.
She kept reinventing the company to match with the time.
Since October 2020, the company has been going through major changes, such as changing the website name and rebranding the merchandise to attract multiple niches. Please be patient; more products will added soon!

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My Story

Wadelene Nicola was born as Wadelene Joseph also known as Ms. Carole. Wadelene is not only one of the hottest rising female producers in the film industry in South Florida, but also she is a multi-talented shooting star; with years of experience in Print Modeling, Acting, Scriptwriting, Producing and Promoting movies, Radio Host, and TV personality. She is currently the executive producer and a cast member of her new independent film called “MISTAKING SPELL”. Ms. Carole was born and partially raised in the Caribbean. She moved to Broward County Florida during her teenage years where she completed High School at Whiddon-Rogers Education Center and graduated from the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She earned her BS "Bachelor in Business at Broward College. She completed her MBA at Florida Atlantic University. 

Ms. Carole, as she prefers to be called, managed and produced her Radio and TV shows (emanating from Broward County) for over three years. We are all too familiar with Planet Radio which came on the airwave of WSRF 1580 AM and is sponsored by CHS - a Non-profit organization based in Miami, Fl. Every year from September 3rd to November 2nd, she takes over the magic city promoting a most anticipated Roots Musical Festival. She has been rated best Radio host for several years by local businesses in the Broward County area. Ms. Carole has also co-managed the stage for the Root Musical festival for more than three years. Her radio and TV shows have made her a household name in the South Florida area. She is always available for advice and her faithful can never have enough of her. 

Ms. Carole would go above and beyond to respond favorably to her supporters and fans. She wrote and produced four independent films (Tifi Paste-a/Pastor’s daughter #1, #2, #3, and Jan-w Wel La/It’s what you see) targeting the Haitian-Caribbean community which has been released on DVD in the USA, Canada, Europe, and in the Caribbean. As an entrepreneur and the brain behind her own company Kompa en action, Inc, she recently produced one of her scripts “MISTAKING SPELL” targeting the International film industry. Her philosophy can best be summed up with the following: “Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today. If you can dream it, she can script it and put it on the big screen.

Since 2016, she reinvented her company switching from production and distribution to an online retail shop of dry goods such as rice, beans, corn grit, etc.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect please leave a text 1-786-306-5130

I prefer a text on Whatsapp.


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